Social Responsibility

social responsibility



Production safety

Safe and stable operation is our unshrinkable responsibility and unrelenting goal. Daiwa production adheres to “Safety First”. Regularly conducts safety training for all employees to understand the basic knowledge and importance of safe production, correct their attitude to secure production, and improve safe operation skills. Safeguard employees’ occupational health, and prevent and reduce the harm of occupational and other diseases to employees.

Safety Installation and Use

Daiwa is committed to promoting building safety and has obtained a certificate of registration of a Registered Minor Works Contractor (Company) (RMWC(Co)) from the Buildings Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Daiwa responded by implementing the Buildings Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in setting and enforcing safety, sanitation and environmental standards for private buildings to improve the quality of construction development projects.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection
  • Less light pollution

    The light source of the LED signage or signboard is hidden in the metal frame, and the measures of shade or diaphragm are implemented. In response to the city planning and administration call to reduce the source of light pollution, avoid glare, excessive lighting, light intrusion, artificial daylight, light mixing phenomenon. Moreover, to reduce the physiological and psychological impacts on pedestrians and residents.

  • Energy conservation

    Daiwa uses energy-saving LEDs to create a signs that meets the customer's requirements and power-saving functions, thus providing the customer with an economical and practical environmental protection solution. Starting from a small circuit board to explore and practice, energy conservation is also a tiny bit on all sides, striving to achieve energy conservation commitment.