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Daiwa Metal

Daiwa Metal Works Company Ltd. (Daiwa) has been established in Hong Kong since 1996 with the mission to bring the personality of every businesses through signage and metal products, including LED, metal and plastic signs letters, LED light box, large metal signage and letter boxes. Daiwa have a close cooperation and strategic partnership with many world known brands, provides services to over thousands clients around the world, across different industries includes fashion, catering, estate, public services, education, commerce, beauty, government, etc. With professional engineering certification and capacity for mass production, Daiwa nowadays has developed into a leading, experienced and highly diversified signature production company in Hong Kong.


  • 1996

    Daiwa was established in Hong Kong and set up the first factory in Zhanjiang to manufacture electroplating metal signage.
  • 2006

    launched the LED letters and light box products series.
  • 2008

    moved the factory to Jiangmen for larger production capacity in order to cater for increasing market demand, as well as introduced more equipment, technology and talents to provide a wide range of services.
  • 2010

    Daiwa registered as a minor works contractors(RMWCs) in Hong Kong and became one of the earliest approved companies in Hong Kong, capable of installation with construction safety standards for the legal signboards, establishing its leading position in Hong Kong.
  • 2011

    Daiwa expanded the business to other China region, corporate with many well-known international brand build their stores in Chengdu, Hainan, Harbin, Shanghai and etc.
  • 2012

    established first online store in Alibaba international platform to explore e-commerce and expand overseas markets. In the same year, with introduction of new equipment, Daiwa provide more options of 3D metal products.
  • 2013

    joining the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, to develop overseas trade market with the support from the Hong Kong Government.
  • 2014

    Daiwa was invited to participate in the Shanghai’s international Trade Fair and recognized as profession in signage and metal products.
  • 2015

    participated in the large signage exhibition in China, Sign China EXPO, exchange our experience with the national top manufacturers in the industry; On the other hand, Daiwa registered as a member of Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association for maintaining and improving local online visibility as well.
  • 2016

    Daiwa was invited to participate in Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition and Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE). In the same year, Daiwa launched the customised high-end display racks series to open up the metal products market other than signage.
  • 2017

    Daiwa become one of the designated suppliers by Hong Kong government, provide metal products and installation service for Customs and Excise Department and West Kowloon Station of High-Speed Rail.
  • 2020

    recognised as a member of Guangdong Sign Industry Association (GSIA). Furthermore, Daiwa cooperated with Hong Kong government to provide and installed anti-epidemic baffles for government agencies during COVID19.


  • Government Department

    One of the Hong Kong government-designated suppliers.

    Produce and install signs in the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and High-Speed Rail Station.

    In 2020, cooperate with the government to produce and install anti-spray baffles for different government agencies.

  • Engineering Contractors

    Assist in producing large-scale signs in construction projects.

    Provide exclusive product drawings to help the client win the tender.

    Meet the time and quality requirements that promise no delay will affect the project.

  • Brands & Design Company

    Provide display racks and image signs for the new product release.

    Participate in the logo design of physical display for branding planning.

    Familiar with a wide range of industries and offer a variety of signage for different marketing requirements.

  • Individual and Startup company

    Produce signs for startup entrepreneurs and studio.

    Design with the client and understand their business concept to create unique signs.

    Listen to client needs and capable of achieving different ideas.


  • Recognized as minor works contractors Classes II III
    TYPE C (works relating to signboards) by Hong Kong
    Buildings Department

  • Member of Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association

  • Member of Shenzhen
    Sign Industry Association

  • The 2nd Council of Guangdong
    Sign Industry Association

  • Member of Hong Kong Netrepreneurs Association

  • Member of Shenzhen Sign
    Industry Association