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Q:Does Dahua accept the customization of three-dimensional drawings?

A:Dahua accepts your customized stereogram.
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Contributions shall meet the following requirements:
A) In order to reduce the color difference as much as possible, CMYK four-color mode with integer as the unit or international color cards such as Pantone spot color and ral are recommended for the output of manuscript files.
B) In order to avoid font deformation, it is recommended to convert all text in the manuscript to outline font
C) It is recommended to use the following software to enable UOB to view and confirm faster: Adobe Illustrator (2020) / Adobe Photoshop (2020) / CorelDRAW (graphics suite 2020) / AutoCad (2012)
D) If the contribution contains a registered trademark, the customer must be the registered trademark holder or authorized by the registered trademark holder
E) If you have a specific deadline, please let us know if you need to deal with it urgently.



A) 用工具标记好水平位置
B) 将图纸覆盖在将要安装的位置
C) 穿过图纸,在对应位置的墙上鑽安装孔。撕掉安装位置的纸,留下定位用的边框
D) 用实物比划安装位置,确定无误后在墙上孔中加入特制胶水
E) 如有电线,将电线穿越墙身电线孔,将产品上扭好的螺丝插入墙身安装孔内,并调整至合适的位置
F) 将电线先接驳至匹配的电压变压器(火牛),再从电压变压器(火牛)接驳市电
G) 擦除安装时带来的痕迹,检查安装无误